Town of Gorham, NH
20 Park Street, Gorham NH 03581
ph: (603) 466-3322
Gorham Public Library
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, Interim Director
35 Railroad Street  
Gorham ,NH 03581 
Mon - Fri 10:00 - 6:00
Sat 10:00 - 12:00
CLOSED on Major Holidays
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Children's Programs
at the Library
(call 466-2525 for more info)

        Mondays:        Art Classes with Will for children age 8-17   
                                        3-4:30pm, starting August 15  (please call 723-7672 to                                                  reserve your spot)
                                        Fun with Legos for children of all ages

        Tuesdays:               Storytime
                                        Who-Who is Reading?  
                                        Stories and activities for toddlers - Pre-K.  Read 1,000
                                        books before Kindergarten with your child!

                                        Plug in to the Library
                                        Plug-in to the Library, our STEM-based activities                                               program for grades 3-5:  this is a four-week adventure                                   in fun-based learning!  

                                        Think It...Design It...3D Print It!
                                        STEM program for grades 6-8, sign-up required
        Wednesdays:     Mad Lab
                                        11am - 12pm

        Fridays:                Jr. Art Clas
                                        Art for kids ages 8 & under, sign-up required

Mad Lab 002.jpg        
Ages 3-8 -- but older & younger scientists are welcome
Wednesdays from 11am - 12pm
November 9th -- December 21st

* * *
Special STEM Program for grades 6-8:
"Think It...Design It...3D Print It!
Adventures in 3D printing at GPL:
A six-week after-school STEM program for youth
grades 6-8
Tuesdays, 3-4:30pm
Limited class size:  sign-up required

Please call 466-2525 or inquire at the Circulation Desk

Check out our amazing telescope!  It is a donation from the New Hampshire Astronomical Society, with funds from Astronomy Magazine.  If you'd like to take it home for a week (yes, really!), just come on in!